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Hi and welcome to A Sweaty Life! We are Ben and Jen; High School sweethearts, fitness partners, avid scratch cooks, and most importantly Christians. We got married in 2003 during our Junior year of college and since then we've had three kids, changed careers (she became a stay-at-home Mom and I joined the Navy), moved five times, and little by little adapted a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

We love to workout, eat healthy food, and stay active, but it's not always easy. To us the best life is truly a sweaty life. It's not always pretty, good smelling or like the pictures in magazines but it's always worth it. We hope we can inspire and help you to live a healthy, balanced, and sweaty life!

Ben is 33 and serves as a Navy chaplain. After college Ben began to gain weight due to inactivity and unhealthy eating. After seeing Jen become very healthy after the birth of their first child he became convicted that a change must happen. He started running regularly and, through Jen's healthy and clean cooking, went from 220 lbs to 160 lbs. He went from not making it through a 5k without walking, to a PR of 18:05.  Now an avid runner he enjoys eating tasty clean food, seeing how many pull-ups he can knock out, and breaking his PR's on race day (and having a few beers along the way). He wants to inspire others to live a balanced life; not consumed by fitness or body image but making healthy choices and living for God.

My PR's: 1 mile: 5:27 (2015) | 5k: 18:05 (2016) | 5 Mile: 32:33 | 10k: 42:17 (2015) | Half Marathon: 1:36:55 (2016)

Jen is 34 and is a stay at home Mom who homeschools, cooks lots of amazing food, and squeezes workouts in between the craziness of three amazing kids. Previously she was a workout instructor at the YMCA. Jen has a passion for clean eating and for living a healthy lifestyle rather than buying into a fad diet or trend. She enjoys long runs, TRX, and encouraging others to live a balanced life.  You can read about this Simple Momma and her adventures through parenting, homeschooling, and being a Navy wife.

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