Small regrets

Sunday, July 2, 2017

I'm excited to announce that I have finally conquered getting up early in the morning to run and there is no going back!  It's the small victories in life...

Anyway, I was running one morning, thinking about this past year and realized how much I regretted not documenting our running.  I so wish Ben had blogged through intense training while being deployed and getting a medal every single race they had on base.  I felt like there wasn't much to say about my running, but really, there was.  It may not have seemed like much, but just the fact that I was able to run at all while Ben was deployed is huge.  More than huge.  His first deployment, I was so stressed I could barely make it through 2 miles.  It was amazing to not have that stress this time around (not that it was all roses) and to be able get in some decent miles.  This time around, it was a stress reliever and even though it was just circles around my house, it was refreshing.

When Ben got home from deployment, he gave me Faster Road Racing, a book he used while deployed and he helped me to see that I was actually in a big time running rut!  I was so thankful for those rut miles, but I was literally doing the same run (same miles and pace) and it was actually have somewhat of a negative affect. 

This is a quote from HungryRunnerGirl:
"Some warning signs for when you know you need to make a change in your training—>  you are experiencing constant fatigue, a change in your sleep patters, you are sick more often than normal, moody, loss of menstruation, change in your weight, lots of worrying, forgetfulness and anything else that is off to you and your normal self."

I definitely had some of these symptoms, but just contributed it to deployment.  Crazy enough, I have more energy now when I get up early and mix up my routine.  Ben's also home, so that helps too :) 
Ben helped me to realize that I was running all of my runs too fast and helped me finally accept that it's okay to slow down.  Now I have a tempo run, interval run, aerobic run and long run throughout my week with some strength training and am feeling on top of that rut.

I also regret not documenting running in the winter here because we are sadly back to summer, which equals the treadmill.  Blech.

Every once in awhile we like to pretend it's not summer and run outside.  And then there was that one crazy time Ben tricked me into running to Mexico and the border patrol came after us.

Some how I have to find a way to make treadmill run interesting posts for awhile...


  1. You and Ben really lit a fire under me this last visit. I got so encouraged, and I feel like I'm running the best I ever have -- and it's thanks to you two. I'll have to check out that book and see about getting even better.

  2. I'm so glad! I'm sorry we lit a fire in the middle of time we'll wait until fall :)


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