Monday, July 10, 2017

Netflix and Hulu really need to get their act together and not leave people without something to watch all.summer.long. Actually, it makes me a little nervous for the fall when all my favorite shows get new episodes...I guess this is a heads up to Ben that putting the kids to bed will be his job then. As a result, I've been watching YouTube in the evening and have found some really fascinating clips. I got hooked on documentaries of The Western States 100 mile endurance run.  I was especially inspired by Katie Lickteig, not because she won, but because of her amazingly positive attitude.

Then I watched this video , about Elle Ip, and I cannot stop thinking about it.  Basically, she signed up for an athletic swimsuit competition when she was 8 months pregnant and not living an active, healthy life.  She documents her 10 month struggle with losing the baby weight plus getting toned for a swimsuit competition.  She doesn't have a nutritionist or a coach or a babysitter or even a gym membership!  She has a treadmill and some free weights and a scale+tape measure.  I sympathized with her through the tears of sleep deprivation and caring for small kids and trying to do a little something for yourself.  This is what I cannot stop thinking about: she found that what worked for her was, light training and allowing herself one day a week to eat whatever she wanted.  She didn't starve herself the rest of the days; she was very conscious of getting enough nutrients to feed her baby but made healthy choices and those "free" days would literally eat anything that sounded good to her, no matter what it was or how much it was.  As for the training, she walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day and lifted light weights IN HER CLOSET.  I was just in shock.  Her body didn't immediately bounce back, like most videos you see of women just easily dropping the weight.  No, you could see that it was a struggle and I found that so refreshing.  What I found the most remarkable about the journey was that you could see a shift, when she really started losing the weight and it wasn't until her baby was about 8 months old and the competition was close!  I was getting nervous!  The shift happened when she started getting more sleep, which made her stress levels go down and as she saw some results, her mood improved.  Sleep+low stress+ positive thoughts=amazing results.

If these two videos aren't proof of the power of the brain in fitness, I don't know what is.

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