Whole 30 turned Whole 10

Monday, August 1, 2016

I wrote this post a week into Whole 30:

Don't you love how Ben scientifically proved that I'm SUPER stinky now?
It's true.  The sweat that pours from me during a workout is a whole new beast without carbs.

115 outside means Ben will finally run on the treadmill!
It's funny how a week can seem like eternity.  Ben and I were reminiscing last night about the one time we attempted the Atkins diet *back when we were young* and only made it 5 days!  I finished this week feeling strong, like I had conquered this huge battle, and then realized it's only been 7 days.

Some things about this week:

1.  The hardest part is being the only one in my family committed.  Everyone has jumped on board with 96% of how I'm eating, but the 4% that's left is hard.  Ben will offer a sip of his beer in the evening or make rice to go with dinner.  The ultimate test of self control was taking the kiddos for ice cream and non of them finishing their cone!  AGH!  That was hard.

 2.  The book outlines for you day by day what you will most likely feel.  I found them to be really accurate, but also couldn't fully blame it on the way I was eating.  Sure, I was a little cranky on day 5, but then I was also woken up at 6am by a puppy and 3 year old and missed my precious, quiet, coffee time.  I was a little more tired on day 7, but we also had a full week of homeschool and errands and some fun activities.

3.  This challenge has opened up a whole new door of dinners for us and we are loving it.  I borrowed the book from a friend and have tried a new recipe every night and each meal was delicious.  I was also really impressed that my kids ate and were satisfied with the food.  I did add a grain for them on a couple of meals, but I think they would have been content without it.  I'll be posting all of our favorite new recipes on our family recipe blog if you would like to get some new dinner ideas.

4.  I can already see positive change.
No giant zits this week.
I noticed our consumption of honey go WAY down.
For the first time in history, I didn't feel the need to have a snack before bed.
Haven't had the afternoon "crash" that I usually feel where I reach for some espresso beans.

5. I love that the challenge emphasizes pre and post fueling for workouts.  Honestly, I am terrible with this in general and usually just grab a snack when I feel hungry after a workout.  I find it refreshing that they lay out what your body needs 15 minutes before a workout and 30 minutes after and emphasize that it's not a meal replacement, but a refueling.  I love that it's not about less calories or losing weight, it's about taking care of your body the right way.

6.  There have been times that it's really bothered Alison.  She notices what I eat why more than I want to believe.  For example, she requested pancakes for breakfast one morning and helped me make them, but then was disappointed that I didn't eat them.  I'm very nervous for how she'll react to my food choices on Colin's birthday this week.  I may just have to break the rules for the sanity of my 8 year old.  We shall see...

Then my Whole 30 came to a crashing hault when our puppy was let out of our yard without us knowing and got lost.  We spent 36 hours searching and searching and searching for her.  We stopped everything and made phone calls and put up fliers and drove around and around.  Our neighbors brought over a basket of giant blueberry muffins and I literally lived off those and coffee for the entire time we searched for her.  I didn't have the brain power to think about cooking food or what I was supposed to eat.  I know it's just a puppy, but it felt like my child...my child lost in the blazing hot desert.  The night before we found her, I broke down in tears and cried to Ben, "I've lost my puppy and I failed the Whole 30!" (I felt like I was in the scene of Dumb and Dumber when he cries about his birds head falling off).  We did find Maya, barely alive.  She has miraculously made a full recovery and I am thankful for the 10 days of the diet.  It really has changed my thinking about food and we have continued to cook some of the recipes.  I have continued to eat what I was eating for about 80% of the time, but have not been strict on dinner.  I think Ben would say that it's good I stopped because it was creating a constant conversation about food among our kids; conversations of things they didn't need to worry about. 

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