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Thursday, August 11, 2016

I love this video:
I feel like Meb is the father of running.  I've heard him say multiple times that his focus of each day is doing small things to make himself better; from strength to nutrition to stretching.  However, it's not to look better or be better than the next person, but just a better self.  It's refreshing.  I also completely needed to hear what he said about posture.  I've been working on more core training, but it's still easy for me to not put as much effort into it as I should.

We started taking Maya with us on short jogs around the block this week.  The vet said she shouldn't run more than a mile until she's a year old...but that was also before we knew she was a greyhound.  It's been the most hilarious experience taking her.  My 7:30 pace is a s.l.o.w trot for her.  She definitely helps with the speed work and I forget all about running because I'm so entertained by her.  She absolutely LOVES being out with us and comes back acting like she's the coolest dog in town.

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