A Whole 30 challenge

Monday, June 6, 2016

Well, I've been working on a post about how fabulous running in San Diego was, but Ben has pretty much taken all of my points...he likes to do that :)  The jest for me was; it was so encouraging to run there!  My pace was back to what it was pre-move and I felt like I could run forever.  It helped me to see that running in the dessert does condition your body in a way no other condition can and that my slower pace and feeling like I'm going to die is an affect of the heat and not my fitness.  It was nice to feel like old Jen again and it was SO refreshing to be by the water.  Plus, I got to really barefoot run, which was one of the most fun things I've ever done.

Now that you get the jest of the post I've been working on for way too long, here's the real reason for this post.  I decided to take on a Whole 30 challenge and what better way to stay accountable than to blog about it!

Challenge=NO dairy, sugar, grains, legumes or alcohol for 30 days.

I'm sure you are wondering why I would want to do this.  The main reason is because of my skin.  I have been prone to really deep pimples since the teenage years, but the last year my skin has taken a turn for the worse.  It seems that I always have a giant zit trying to eat my face and I've tried everything I can to prevent/take care of it and I've had enough.  I believe that dairy may be the culprit and have tried to eliminate it from my diet several times, but it always seems to creep in.  Since I haven't been 100% committed, I would be halfway through dinner and realize that I put parmesan in the sauce or oops, I'm eating 2 slices of pizza!  How did that happen?

The second reason is I realized that my clean eating may not be as healthy as I thought.  I took my kids to the dentist a few weeks ago and it was a completely horrid experience.  My two older kids have an enamel "condition" due to having acid reflux as babies.  Because of this condition, they are extremely prone to cavities and we are very careful about their hygiene and sugar intake.  However, this dentist told me that my kids' teeth problems are a direct result of all the sugar I'm feeding them and I need to find out where they are getting all their sugar from.  I invited him to my house to look through my cabinets because I can tell you exactly where their sugar intake is from.  Yes, there is a form of sugar in the Chobani yogurt we have and there is honey in the homemade granola bars they have for breakfast and in the homemade bread they have for lunch.  He didn't buy my answer and basically called my a liar.  I had wine for lunch that day and cancelled all further appointments with said dentist.  BUT, I sat down that afternoon and thought, "Am I really that naive?  Am I really feeding my kids a ton of sugar and I don't even know it?"  We eat "clean", but honey and maple syrup are clean and are still sugar.

All that to say, my goals for this challenge are to for once and for all see if food is causing my skin problems (or if it is just hormones) and to open my eyes/redefine the food we are eating.

I'm just finishing day 3.
I thought it wouldn't be that big of an adjustment since we already eat a healthy diet.
I was wrong.
You can take dairy and you can take sugar, but I need carbs!!!
My eyes have already been opened to how much I rely on carbs.  It's my go-to, quick and easy, fill me up quick and make me happy food.  I have also realized how quick I am to eat mindlessly.  I'll finish Eli's sandwhich or eat that last muffin so I can wash the tupperware or munch on things as I make snacks for the kids.

Ben has jokingly called this my "30 days of black coffee".  I LOVE creamer in my coffee and while I buy "natural" creamer, I fully know that it's not healthy.  I tried green tea the first morning and it's just not very satisfying.  I'm hoping this challenge is just what I need to get me drinking black coffee!

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  1. Fage yogurt has less sugar than Chobani--that's one of the reasons I eat it (I get the 2% plain kind).

    Also that dentist sounds like an unpleasant person.


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