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Monday, February 15, 2016

 Who's workout was harder today?

Ben ran 10 miles in the snow.

Packers come in 9 days and there is no way I am chancing sickness or injury, so I stayed inside.  Plus, I don't have the proper snow running shoes and the roads were a little dicey so I didn't venture out to the Y.  While Ben was on the road and the kids were having "quiet time", I turned on my favorite HIIT workout.  Why is that kids are drawn to you the second you want to be alone?  My workout was quickly surrounded by little boys pretending to play Super Mario and all the couch cushions turned into tunnels and ladders.

Then there was the "Hey Momma!  Look at this very dangerous thing I can do!"

And when Mario defeated the castle, Colin decided to join me in exercising.

"What? climbing on your back doesn't help your leg lifts?  That crazy." 

I even had to pause my workout to help Eli find a Lego!  Home workouts are usually a fail for me, but it's time to get creative as we enter into "transition period" of our life.

Let's recap.
Ben's workout: quiet and what he planned, but cold
My workout: loud and interrupted, but full of cuteness

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  1. Yours was harder :)

    Seeing the photos of your workout reminds of how Ben would work out with me when he was Colin's age. He would pick up weights and follow along but what made me laugh the most was him doing (or trying to do) sit ups. He just could not keep his legs from flying up in the air!


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