A Runner's Perspective

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

If you're a runner you've probably had someone give you that 'look'. The look that asks, "why are you running now?", or "isn't it too cold/hot to be outside?" The look asks if their long held suspicion about you is true; you are crazy. If someone has accused you of being crazy because you run, it simply means you are doing it right.

I seem to get that look from people quite often. Mostly it's because I run outside all year. There are actually very few weather conditions that I won't run in. If it's raining and under 50 degrees I won't run outside, and I won't be happy about it. Me and the treadmill are not friends. That's not to say I won't shift my running time or shift my long run day to a day with better conditions, but I won't hesitate to lace up even if it's 'crazy'.

Oh what a difference a day makes in the weather. This is Monday.
And this is me on Tuesday.
So many people today live 'indoor' lives. They go from one climate controlled place to another and never venture into the weather. I think these people miss out on an quintessential experience in life. One of the things I enjoy most about running is being outside. I see nature, I experience it. I feel the wind in my face and the sun on my back. Yes, sometimes nature is cold. Sometimes nature burns my skin and makes me feel dizzy with heat, but I get to face that discomfort and it makes me feel alive. When it's cold and I run, I feel the cold. But the simple pleasure of a hot shower becomes so much more real to me. When it's hot, I definitely experience the miserable feeling of being toasted by the sun, but a glass of cold water becomes so much more satisfying. The highs inherently come with the lows. And the lows bring the highs into vivid contrast.

I don't mind if people call me crazy and give me that 'look' and ask if I'm "really going running now?". When they do I'll just smile and say "yeah, I'm going out now and I guess I am a bit crazy". But I'll take being crazy any day because with it comes a cornucopia of experience that makes life so much more interesting.


  1. I won't run if the temp is below 20F (and that includes if the wind chill is below 20F), if there's snow or ice on the ground or if it's raining. I strongly prefer not to run when it's fully daylight and sunny--I am susceptible to heat exhaustion and the sunshine makes it happen faster.

    But I flat can't run on a treadmill.

  2. Ice on the ground is iffy for me as well. I can 'trot' along, but it makes it hard to run on the sidewalks.


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