Wouldn't it be nice...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A little tune for you while I whine. In my head tonight, as I tried to get a run in after the kids went to bed and my legs were killing me:

"Wouldn't it be nice if fitness was easy and all I had to do was jog a mile and eat an apple and I could have a 6 pack and never ever feel pain.  Wouldn't it be nice if I wasn't getting older and wasn't a woman...who's had 3 kids.  Men.  They have it so easy."

The truth is, I have not been enjoying running lately and although I've met my goals, my mind is thinking "am I done yet?" the whole time.

Then Monday Ben said, "Doesn't running 10 miles sound fun?" when it was literally freezing with ice on the ground, but we only had time for 8, so around mile 6.5 Ben picked up his pace to make it back to the Y to get our kiddos and made me promise I would run a certain road for him and my run ended up being over 9 miles.  My rear has never been so frozen!  Yea, those men I tell ya'.

I absolutely do not like this picture, but it's documented that I survived Ben's insane run on Monday.

But then there are moments that remind me that running isn't always about enjoying or looking a certain way or even staying warm.

Moments like hearing Alison talk about what exercise she'll do when she grows up or being able to have a jump rope contest with her, remind me that I run to be healthy and it trains her how to live a healthy life as well.

Alison drawing at the Y while I lift weights...best view of the gym right here.

Moments like hearing Colin ask me to take him for a run and seeing the other kids jump up to join the race, remind me that I run to keep up with my three kids and to help them be that; kids.  We live in a time where the norm is a sedentary life; sit in school all day and watch TV all night.  Being active breaks that norm, but also gives kids a chance to explore and be creative.

My whine is over...thank you for listening.  I will persevere.

P.S. Men aren't all that bad, especially the crazy one I call my husband.  He recorded that Beach Boys song for me our first year of college, when we were dreaming of being old enough to get married.  I am so thankful he was crazy enough to marry me a year later!

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  1. Everything you wrote here I wanted to raise my hand and say me too! All of it, right down to the why do I work out? And how do I keep up with (in my case) active grandchildren. I needed this today, thank you.


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