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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Apparently sleep matters a lot with recovery. This week wasn't the best for me and sleep. And I know it was even worse for Jen. It started with me watching a triple overtime basketball game on Monday night. Fortunately my team (University of Kansas) won, but unfortunately the East coast is not a good time zone for sports.  Yeah I know this was my choice, but it doesn't mean I wasn't tired the next day. This, combined with children who for some reason despise sleep, made for one tired week. Apparently sleep is so important to running and recovery that the Oregon Project tells their athletes to get 10-12 hours a night! I'll have to work on getting more sleep the week before a race.
I've also been combating a nagging minor cold this week. It's not bad enough to stop me from doing anything, it's just enough to make like slightly miserable. Oh well, still ran. 

Monday - 7 miles at 7:48 pace
Tuesday - 3 x 1 mile sprints, 5:27, 5:27, and 6:43 pace. Plus weights (chest)
Wednesday - 7 miles at 8:23 pace
Thursday - 5 miles at 7:46 pace
Friday - 5 miles at 7:14 pace
Saturday - 5.5 miles at 8:24 pace
Sunday - Rest!

I bottled some beer I made this week. I'll find out in about two weeks if it carbonated well and if it's any good.

And I got inspired to make some butter croissants because I love butter! They turned out to be delicious, just a lot of work to make.

Up next: No races planned. Just keeping my base miles at about 30-35 miles per week and doing strength training. It's good to have some 'down-time' between races and just enjoy running no matter how fast I'm going.

p.s. check out Jen's week in review below!

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