Nike Road Machine Sunglasses - Review

Friday, January 15, 2016

I got a pair of Nike Road Machine sunglasses for Christmas and have been wearing them for almost a month now. There are two types of runners in the world; those who wear sunglasses and those who don't. I love wearing sunglasses while I run. In fact when I ran the Surf N Santa 5 miler last month I wore these glasses the whole race. The only reason that is remarkable is because the race started at 4:30 pm and was supposed to be under Christmas lights. Well, it was sunny when we started so.... I didn't bother taking them off. However, when I crossed the finish line it was almost dark and the announcer called out my name, "Ben Shear!" and then said, "and he's wearing sunglasses!" Yeah... I'm cool.

This is probably what my face looks like when I run.
If you're a sunglasses runner, like me, then the Nike Road Machines are worth checking out. You may already know that they are rated best in class for sub-$150 sunglasses, which is good for me because I find it hard to keep glasses longer than a year or two before they break or I lose them. Spending more on sunglasses just doesn't make sense.

Fit - They feel very comfortable. They have some tension on the rubber temple ends which really keep these glasses in place when running. They don't move a bit when doing all-out sprints. I have also found that I don't' experience sun-glass fatigue. I can wear these for over an hour without them bothering me. They are very comfy!

Notice the vent holes at the top middle. This prevents them from fogging up.
Style - The Nike Road Machine sunglasses have a spacey look to them. This is because the lens is almost a full wrap. The lens size blocks out the sun from all angles but it does make me look a bit bug-eyed. I don't mind the style when running, but you won't see me wearing them walking around town.

You can see the vent holes on the outside of the lens.
Lenses - The optics are crystal clear and don't fog up often due to having strategic air ventilation holes at the top. Notice I didn't say 'never'. They did fog up on me a few times but the conditions were very extreme. Overall I think the vent holes do make a difference and they will preform better than most other sunglasses in this regard. The lenses give a full field of vision and I don't notice any distortion no matter which direction I look. I also have long eye lashes and suffer from LHLS (lash hitting lens syndrome). These glasses don't cause my LHLS to flare up. They allow plenty of room for eyeball hair to maneuver.

Quality - You can tell when something is sturdy and well made when you handle it. This is definitely true with these sunglasses. They somehow manage to feel durable and well made while at the same time being extremely light. I have no doubt that these will last me for several years. The sturdy case that came with the sunglasses also helps me keep them safe.

Bottom line - At $48 on Amazon right now it's hard to get a better pair of glasses for the money. They are lightweight, stay in place, and provide great protection from the sun and wind.


  1. I wear sunglasses when I run too so this was a timely post for me. But I can't wear glasses that are curved that much they touch my eye lashes even though I don't have the crazy eye lashes you do, and it bugs the stuffing out of me :( I will have to look around though and see if Nike carries something styled just a bit straighter across the face.


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