Week in Review...Jen Style

Sunday, January 10, 2016

This week was our first week back to school after Christmas break and I was tired.  Tired, but determined.  I'm thankful to say that my shin splints seem to be healed, but my feet are still struggling.  Because of that, I'm trying to be diligent in cross training to make sure other supporting muscles are strong while giving my running muscles a break.  On top of that, I'm trying to make Pilates a priority once a week because my daughter really enjoys it and it's an exercise we can do together.  Here's my workout week:

5 miles at 8:10 pace, on the treadmill while watching Gilmore Girls just to keep things fun.
30 min Pilates

3 miles at 8:00 pace, on treadmill.
30 minutes weights, focusing on arms

HIIT for 1 hour (if you do this workout, I don't believe it really burns 800 calories, but probably more like 400...sorry to be a Debbie downer)
Picture courtesy of my 3 year old...green tea after lunch helped me through this week
RIPPED class for 1 hour (similar to a HIIT workout with weights)

5.5 miles on the trail at 8:30 pace, minus the last mile which was a 6:30 pace in desperate efforts to get back to the Y before child watch closed on my 3 kids.  Remember that first week back to school?  Yea, this workout was squeezed into my morning after working with a crying 3rd grader.
Said 3rd grader, minus tears

6.5 miles on the road at 8:35 pace.  SORE CITY.  I was so crazy sore and tired by Saturday that I felt like I was crawling down the road.  But the weather was perfect and I just tried to enjoy some "quiet time".

My goal for the week was 20 miles with some cross training and I'm thankful I got it in.  Some times it's easy for me to discount my workouts because they're not as long or as fast as Ben's.  That's the girl side of fitness; we are always comparing ourselves to others and not allowing ourselves to be okay with who we are, where we are.

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