2015 Year In Review

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 was the year of running for me. After a few years of moderate running I really hit it hard in 2015. You could say I got kinda serious about it. Even serious enough to...ahem...start a blog. I also really enjoyed running this past year. I have had a very blessed year. I never got injured or majorly sick and I was able to break all my PR's. I am VERY grateful for all that God gave me.

I ran two half marathons and did a handful of smaller races and had a lot of fun with them all. I learned a lot about racing and feel like I'm running the best right now that I have ever run. The low point of the year for me was being deployed. It was crazy hard to be away from Jen and the kids. It was also very difficult to run and exercise and eat healthy. My options were either a treadmill or, if we were in port, to run in circles on the pier in 90+ degree heat with 100% humidity. Oddly enough I left for deployment weighing 162 lbs and came back at 167 lbs. But I was faster and felt leaner (I averaged over 500 stairs a day on the ship). I hit the weights pretty hard while deployed because running was just so mentally and physically exhausting after a 12 hour day in the tropical heat. Since coming back I've lost some of that muscle weight but managed to keep my pull-up max the same (currently at 25 woo-hoo!).

This was the cardio room on the ship. Did I mention I hate treadmills?
See the pier on the left? I ran that multiple times, like a lost sweaty hamster. This is in El Salvador.
I did get to meet the President of Panama (he's in the middle).
And ride a helicopter with some SEABEES in Colombia.
The high point for me this year is being home for Christmas and getting to spend time with my family. This Fall I got to do a 1 mile race alongside my daughter, who is 8, and do many runs with Jen including a 5 mile race for our anniversary.  A family that workouts together stays together!

For the year I tallied 1,128.5 miles over 150 hours. 249 total runs averaging 4.5 miles with an average pace for the year of 8:00 min/mile.

I burned 144,062 calories for the year. That's equal to 41 lbs of fat!
I'm thankful for such a great year of running even with the challenges I've had. I know that it won't always be this way. I'll get injured, my knees with spontaneously combust or who knows what will happen. The point is; I don't want to take for granted the fact that I can run.

For 2016 I hope to run more races, break some PR's and to run about 30 miles a week. But more importantly I hope to do with with Jen and to set a good example for my family. I want to continue running and being healthy in a balanced way. I hope you had a great 2015 and are as excited as I am about the upcoming year!

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