Week in Review

Monday, December 7, 2015

I've been fighting a cold since the week of Thanksgiving. I've been able to run through it, but my nose has been producing a steady stream of snot rockets to shoot out while running. Yeah, it's gross. I also got the flu mist which gave me even more cold symptoms for a few days.

I love this spot on my run route. The trees are so pretty and it's very peaceful.
This week my muscles started to cry out to me, "use me! use me!". There simply isn't enough time in my week to lift weights as much as I want AND run as much as I want. The struggle is real. Maybe after the 5 miler I am running on December 19th I will switch back to more weights. I think my pull-up bar misses me.

I bought this shirt this week and I love it. It's not too tight around the neck, and it's perfect for the 45-55 degree runs.

Monday - 3.5 miles at 7:22 pace
Tuesday - 3 x 1 mile repeats, 5:42, 5:57, 6:34
Wednesday - 7 miles at 8:19 pace
Thursday - 5 miles at 7:50 pace
Friday - 7 miles at 8:09 pace
Saturday - 4 miles at 8:01 pace
Sunday - Rest

Total miles: 29.5

Up next: Army/Navy 10k race on Saturday, Surf 'n' Santa 5 miler on December 19th.

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