"Thanks, but I peed my pants."

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ben was standing at the finish line, cheering for me as I completed the Surf-n-Santa 5 mile race.

Him: "Great race!!!  You did awesome!!!"
Me: "Thanks, but I peed my pants."

Unfortunately, he's heard this before.  I feel so bad for husbands sometimes and the ewy things they have to witness.  I've had 4 major episodes of exercise-induced urinary incontinence; the first 5k after Alison was born, the first 5k I got first place in, the first half-marathon and the fastest 5 mile race.  It seems to happen when I really push myself to the max and literally give the race all I've got...lol.

I'm sure my family is super excited to read this post, but I love being the voice for others and say the things that people wish others would talk about.

I've learned my lessons and never workout without a panty liner and for the 5 miler, I even packed a change of clothes.  That's what got me through.  I knew it was dark and I was wearing black pants and I could change clothes in a matter of minutes.  Or so I thought.  I quickly got my dry bag and ran to the bathroom, stripped down and realized that my dry clothes were still in my car.  Nothing like putting pee clothes back on and then standing in a large crowd of people while your husband talks to some work buddies.  I actually was laughing on the inside because it was our 12 year anniversary celebration..."Happy 12 years!  Your date as pee pants!"

I came home from the race and googled this problem...super romantic, right?  I have a good friend who is a cross country coach and she's always told me that it's completely normal for runners to pee during a race.  But I found this article and found it even more encouraging.  30-40% of women runners pee their pants!!!  30-40%!  That means that out the 400 women in my age group in that 5 miler, 120-160 of them also peed their pants. With those kind of numbers, you would think they would put runners strength panty liners in the goody bags or hand out underwear at the finish line instead of bananas (I have never, ever wanted a banana after a run).

They say that age and number of children make this problem worse.  Awesome.  Considering that #3 pretty much fell out of me shortly after this picture was taken, it's a miracle I'm not wearing diapers.
With my sister, who basically caught Colin

It's all worth it though.  A little pee is worth having these 3.

Eli-2, Alison-4, Colin-a couple of weeks
A little pee has helped me survive the last 8 years of raising babies and sleepless nights and a changing body.

Alison-8, Eli-5, Colin-3

So, what do you do about this little problem?  First, I have to say that I would much rather have this problem than "runners trots"!  Sorry, way grosser.  There's a surgery and there's kegal exercises and there's the comfort of knowing that you are not alone.  You can know this; if we are at the same race and you pee your pants, come find me, because chances are, I did too.  Or you can just laugh as you think, "Remember that time Jen went on her anniversary date with pee pants?"

Cheers!  May your next run, be a dry one.

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  1. Yep you're not alone. Although I haven't experienced it myself, I well recall the first PT test we ran in Basic training and one of the other recruits (an 18 y/o, no kids) absolutely did. Hey, when you're giving it your all, sometimes other things fall by the wayside.

    And I do love it that you are fearless and will talk about what so many of us do experience.


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