Did you know that your feet can grow?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I sure didn't!

I desperately need new running shoes.  I'm currently running in Nike...and now I'm really freaking out because I can't find my current shoes anywhere online..what did I buy and what have I been running in for the last 6 months??!!  I promise I bought them at a sport's store and they were in the running section!  My major complaint about the shoes was that the laces constantly came untied and recently the bottoms of my feet and calves have been hurting by the end of a long run.

Ben has amazing skills at buying me running shoes (he was deployed when I bought my current mystery shoes) and brought home some Brooks for me a couple of weeks ago.  I ran my last half marathon in Brooks and loved them.  However, I was skeptical of them after injuring my achilles tendon during the race and went back to Nike.  I slipped on the shoes he brought home and was immediately thinking, "AAHHH!!!"  They were so tight!

What is happening?
I've always worn a size 7!  Since 7th grade, I've worn a size 7 shoes.  Why is this size 7 too small?

I know feet can grow during pregnancy/right after birth, but my youngest is 3 years old, so that doesn't make sense.  So, I turned to google (I think I may do this a little too much) to find out what may have caused my feet to grow and found an article explaining that this new minimalist, "pretty shoe" fad is causing feet to flatten and loose their arch, hence the growing.  YIKES!  No wonder my feet and calves have been hurting so much when I run!

We went back to the sport's store where I bought mystery Nike shoes and I found these SUPER comfy Saucony running shoesI also tried on another style of Nike's, but I'm not sure I'll ever feel comfortable buying them again after they caused my feet to expand.


Oh, the life of a runner...running errands right after a run=compression sleeves under the jeans.  That's how classy we are around here.

Shortly after we got home, Ben researched my new shoes and found that they aren't really distance running shoes and more just "athletic" shoes for people who are on their feet all day.


I took back the Saucony's and tried a different store.  And after trying on pretty much every shoe in the store (poor sales lady helping me), I decided to go big and picked the top of the line Asics.
I figured you can't really go wrong with $150 running shoes.  I scored a great deal and only paid $99 and was sure that these "real" shoes would cure everything.

I was excited to hit the trail with my new shoes!

This crazy December.
I ran the leaf covered trail in shorts and a t-shirt and was drenched in sweat from the humidity.
At the beginning, I was running the fastest I ever have and thinking, "Thank you Asics!" but about mile 3, my feet starting going numb.  I planned on running 5.5, but only made it 4 with countless stops after mile 3 to try and get feeling back in my feet.  I didn't even make it back to my car and had to sit down on the sidewalk to take off the shoes...that's how bad my feet hurt.  I kept trying to convince myself that my feet were just freaking out with finally having support, but I have never felt foot pain like I did that day.  I tried again the next day on the treadmill with adjust laces, thinking maybe I just had them on too tight, but my toes still went numb.  So back to the store these fancy shmancy shoes went.

I was feeling very discouraged.  No shoes and lots of foot/calf pain and a race in 2 days.  Several friends have encouraged me to go to an expert running store, which I will be doing soon.  I'm curious to hear what the expert say about my feet and the right shoe for me.  Hoping the have some good answers!

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  1. Yes! Go to a proper running shoe store! They can help you so much. The running store I go to here put me in the shoes I love (Brooks) and solved the issue I was having with my Nikes. I never knew that my feet are thinner not just side to side but top to bottom and that means the Nikes (and a lot of other shoes) dig into the bottom of my ankle joint. Massive pain! The Brooks don't do that at all. I do have to wear a thicker sock but that is OK by me.


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