Week In Review

Sunday, November 29, 2015

What a great week! I got to run multiple times with Jen and I got to eat lots of good food. After the half marathon last Sunday I was ready for a week of food and down time. However, the weather here in Virginia has been so warm it just seemed a shame to not go out and run.

Who needs to workout? Make some food!

I got some great new cold weather running gear from my Mom and I can't wait to try it out. It just has to get cold first. On second thought, maybe the cold can wait a bit longer.

Yummy apple tart!
My thought for the week was; be thankful for what you have.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 6.24 miles at 7:22 pace
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 6.25 miles at 7:50 pace
Friday - 6.25 miles at 8:19 pace
Saturday - 5 miles at 8:24 pace
Sunday - rest

Total miles:  23.75

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