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Sunday, November 15, 2015

This week has been a week full of miles. I didn't really mean to run so much but it felt great. Actually I mentally consider Monday's 12 mile run to be part of last week's cycle. I am feeling very fast and fit right now. This gives me hope for a PR next Sunday at the Half Marathon.

I get to run some beautiful places

Alison my 8 year old daughter is running a fun-mile on Saturday, the day before my Half Marathon. So we have been getting in some training runs for her. I am very careful not to push her and I just want her to have fun. She has been having a great time running. She really wanted to do this race and she has been asking to do 'training' runs. I doubt I would be able to run like her when I was 8. 

A couple of observations for the week:

1. Baklava is a great pre-workout snack before a long run. Seriously give this a try. Alison is studying Greece in school so I decided to make some baklava for her. I had a piece before my long run today and also before my Navy PRT on Thursday. Perfect. Sugar, carbs, and protein from the nuts. I'm not sure you need anything else. It is 349 calories per serving, 35g carbs, 22g fat, 4g protein, and 19g sugar. Ok, it's not for the sedentary but it is great to fuel up before a big run!

2. Enjoying your runs is important. I seriously can't emphasize this enough. Today I saw a huge perfect looking pine cone while on my run. I picked it up and decided to bring it home. I don't know why. Maybe to show the kids, maybe for decoration, maybe because I just liked it. Yes, this means I ran with a pine cone in my hand for about 4 miles, don't judge. I got a few strange looks, and a few funny smiles. Don't forget to actually stop and enjoy your runs. Here are a few photos of what I enjoyed this week:

It was very large

The view from Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield, VA

Overlooking the James River while on a long run.
3. You can run faster than you think. This is pretty much true for every person who runs no matter you ability or experience level. Here's a quick example; me and Jen were running on Saturday and got to mile 5 of a 6 mile run when we realized we were going to be late getting back to the YMCA to pick up the kids. The child care was going to close in 8 minutes and we were still just over a mile away. So she told me to take off. I was tired from all the running this week, but I like challenges. I finished the last 1.3 miles at a 6:50 pace. I would never have run that fast unless I had the mental motivation to push myself.

I also did my 1.5 mile run this week for my Navy PT test in 9:17. That's the fastest time I've ever done and it is a max score for my age group. In my head I told myself "push it hard, the pain will be over in under 10 minutes." When I finished I realized I could have probably pushed it more and ran faster. The point isn't that I am all that fast but that each of us is truly capable of going much faster (and further) then we think. It comes down to this; are you willing to push hard and endure some pain? I think most of us (myself included) avoid pain and discomfort. But we ARE in fact much more capable then we think. At least that is what I am going to tell myself next Sunday when I start the Harbor Lights Half Marathon.

Monday - 12 miles at 8:15 pace
Tuesday - Weights for an hour. I focused on chest and arms. Once I am done with this half marathon I will start posting some weight training routines.
Wednesday - 6.24 miles at 8:17 pace PLUS a bonus mile with Alison at a 10:29 pace.
Thursday - 5 miles at 8:35 pace
Friday - 1.5 miles (my Navy PT test) at 6:11 pace PLUS a bonus mile with Alison at a 10:51 pace
Saturday - 6.21 miles at 8:09 pace with Jen
Sunday - 10.1 miles at 8:10 pace

Total miles for the week: 43.05 miles

Up next: this week will be a rest/taper week. My goal is to log about 12 miles and rest up for my race on Sunday. 

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