Monday, November 9, 2015

I've spent many a days in my running clothes, waiting for a "free" moment to get a workout in.  I rush everything and everyone and my attitude stinks.  When I finally get to that fleeting moment, I find that I have no motivation and I instantly feel defeated that I can't get the workout I wanted.
I need a plan. 
And probably some accountability.

I've learned one big thing the past few months: if I don't make myself a priority first, then I will always come last.  Sounds selfish, right?  Same is true of God.  If I don't make time with God a priority first, my day will always end with, "Oh yea, I was going to read my Bible this morning..." 

Give me a little coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.

This is what gets me up at 5:00 am.

My plan consists of getting up before everyone in the house and having a quiet time and working out before Ben leaves for work.  This way, I get "me time" before anyone else needs my time and nothing can thwart my plan...mwah ha ha!

Monday: Run 3 miles, strength train arms and abs with TRX
Tuesday: Run 4 miles
Wednesday: Weight train total body
Thursday: Run 4 miles
Friday: Run 3 miles, strength train legs and abs with TRX
Saturday: Run 6 miles...hopefully with Ben on the trail

This will be my baseline and anything active during the day on top of this will be devoted to my family (bike rides or trail walks or playing at the park).

Day 1 of my plan, I woke up and thought, "The true test of my plan will come when it's raining.  Am I tough enough to run in the dark and the rain?"  Ironically, I stepped outside and it was raining.  Of course.  I was already wide awake and dressed and it was too late to go back to bed, so I ran.  It felt good to get it done and my attitude for the rest of the day was definitely lifted.  I'm really hoping I can stay on my who's going to keep me accountable?

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