Butterfingers FTW

Monday, November 2, 2015

Today I went on a 10 mile run. It was raining pretty good and it was forecast to keep raining. But I needed to get this run in. So I ran in the rain, lots and lots of rain. There was an abundance of Halloween candy in the office today so I decided to use that to my advantage. Before my run I downed a protein shake with a little bit of PB2 in it and I ate a mini Butterfingers candy bar. It was right before lunch so I needed some fuel to keep me going. 

I strapped on my Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt and tucked in a mini Butterfingers into the storage pack for when I hit mile 5. Who needs gels/goo when you have candy? My goal was to run easy, around an 8 min/mile pace. But if that didn't feel good I was fine to slow down. This run was not about speed but getting my distance up. It's only good to work on one thing at a time; speed or distance.  Fortunately 8 min/mile felt great and I was able to keep even go a bit faster! 

Wet wet wet. I promise it's not sweat.

Around mile 6 I had some running thoughts. You know, the kind that seem profound when you are running but when you are sweaty and gross and taking a shower they seem stupid. Mostly they were along the lines of, 'Isn't is great to be alive?' and, 'I'm so thankful I can get out here and use my body and do this!'  I don't feel that way every run so it was nice to just feel good. Around mile 7 it truly started to pour and I got as wet as a drowned rat. After getting back I rewarded myself with another mini Butterfinger, because, why not?

My splits for the 10 mile run

Lesson learned today; I think I will use Halloween candy on all my long runs this training cycle. 

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