I'm Just Going To Start

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just like a run the hardest part often is beginning. I had some grandiose ideas for a first post for this new blog but I realized I should just begin. One of the things Jen and I want to accomplish with this blog is honest writing about fitness. Running is hard. Eating healthy is difficult. Being disciplined is not something that comes easily to most of us me. There are too many blogs/articles out there about how my 'sweat sparkles' or how much fun 'couples workouts' are. That's great for you but my sweat stinks and I have no desire to kiss while holding plank. 

When I first decided to lose weight and exercise it was hard. I couldn't run a mile without walking and a I considered a $5 Little Caesar's pizza a single serving lunch.  The decision to exercise itself wasn't really hard but actually starting was. I suppose this is where I should post a sappy quote like "starting is the hardest part" or "every journey beings with a single step". I'll just settle for "actually starting is hard and always will be." Making the decision every day to go on a run, or skip the donuts is not easy, but it is worth it.

This is me right before I decided to start running and Jen just had baby #2.

So this is the start for us in A Sweaty Life. If you haven't 'started' yet my advice to you is simple; just begin. There's no simple three step process that will make it easy. You don't need more advice on what protein shake is the best or which shoes are right for you. You just need to start.

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